Suggest replacements...

The mission is almost accomplished.

In November of 2008 this site was born with a simple but challenging have Coach Mark Richt replaced with a football coach that can lead us to a national championship.

We are almost there. Coach Richt's organization is imploding. Arrests and losses are mounting by the week.

Finally...after 3 long years, the fans are starting to galvanize around the same goal....Fire Mark Richt!!

Rise up and continue to put pressure on UGA to make some changes. The fight is only beginning. We need your postings and comments to send a message to the UGA community.

The founders of would like to thank all of our early supporters that went against conventional wisdom and realized the Coach Richt was not the right man for the job. Now that the balance of the fan base has seen the light, it is time to finish the job. Do not stop....the end is near.

Re: Suggest replacements...

Postby jlowell on Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:01 am

I say we bail Spurrier out of that South Carolina nightmare he is in. Let's bury the hatchet and bring him in. At least he could teach us how to beat Florida because we all know we aren't going to beat that team any time soon. I bet Tebo beats us by thirty points this year....that is unless Richt calls another Blackout.
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Re: Suggest replacements...

Postby Richt is the man on Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:04 am

I take your point, but I think the point of this site, as stated on the front page, is to get a NC. Winning percentage doesn't cut it for these guys. I don't see Les Miles and Nick Saban on your list of winning %, but most sports journalists place them in a superior league to Richt for the one reason that they have NCs. You're starting to hear chatter that Paul Johnson is a better coach than Richt...and that sucks.

Richt or Evans needs to find a better (proven) OC and DC. It will raise Richts precious winning % and improve our chances at getting a NC.
Richt is the man
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Re: Suggest replacements...

Postby thefinger on Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:34 am

First of all, as far as the coahes listed in the first post, UGA could hire any of them if it got down to it.

I'm not opposed to bringing someone in from outside of the SEC, so I'd put Norm Chow's name in the hat.

Also, Jim Grobe, Mike Leach, Bo Pelini (or find another Coordinator primed for a HC position), Butch Davis, Mack Brown.

What about former UGA standout Will Muschamp? He's full of intensity AND a proven DC. Hell, Univ. of Washington just took the OC and the DC from USC!

Obviously, there are plenty of people out there to replace Richt. This list took me 5 minutes at most to put together.
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Re: Suggest replacements...

Postby caddie on Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:28 pm

hell, I dont want him replaced. Stay right where you are UGA. [url]keep doing what you always did and keep getting what you always got[/url]

keep richt and let the program brag about their 9 or 10 wins and ignore the losses against the only 3 teams you play worth a shyt
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Re: Suggest replacements...

Postby ugadrew3209 on Wed Sep 09, 2009 3:43 am

Sorry about the novel but this is about 5 years of frustration coming out all at once here... This is me typing my thoughts as they come to my head. Don't get mad about it. Just read it and post how you feel.

How about Chris Peterson from Boise State?? Seems like a winner and has furthered the success that the Dan Hawkins era started in Boise. They have inferior athletes and compete with Pac-10 teams and beat Oklahoma in the 2nd best non-UGA invloved college football game I have seen (if you didn't know my #1, its the Texas USC Rose Bowl when Vince Young sh*t all over Pete Carroll, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush's 3-peat dreams). He coaches with energy unlike our current coach who looks like a deer in the headlights whether we score to go up 46 points or watch Arian Foster run all over our D into the endzone to make it 27-0 in Knoxville in '07.

Mack Brown isn't leaving Texas so go ahead and leave that alone. I really love the Muschamp idea but my thoughts are why the hell would he want to leave Texas (where he is the "coach-in-waiting") to come to Georgia? The athletes in Texas are very comparable to the SEC athletes, the lack of coaching stars (outside of Mack Brown and Bob Stoops) in the Big XII, the lack of competition from top to bottom inside the conference, and truthfully there is less pressure on coaches to win outside of our great conference. Also, I like Butch Davis, too. He restored Miami to prominence and actually has North Carolina competitive in FOOTBALL and not just basketball.

I want a head coach that is not afraid to adapt to the times. When i saw true freshman Branden Smith in the Wildcat look on the opening drive on Saturday I literally said, "I'm so excited! We are finally going to become a 21st century team!" Of course, Branden Smith touched the ball once or twice after the first series. We have to run the "pro-style offense" at all costs and we REFUSE to amend the playbook for less talented players. Let's be honest, Stafford has a rocket arm. Joe Cox- not so much. We played like we were relying on the arm of Cox all day in Stillwater instead of relying on our HUGE and talented offensive line. Let's throw Logan Gray out there for a couple of option looks. Get A.J. the ball on a screen or a reverse!

Bobo calls the games just like Richt did, by the way. I swear there is a series every single game where we go three and out on three straight passing plays. He loses his freaking head! We NEVER establish the run. We continuously pass to set up the run. In the first drive on Saturday we made it easy for Cox to succeed. Cox should not be relied on to make plays. He is simply a facilitator. He doesn't have the ability to make the same plays that Matt did a year ago. While Stafford's time in the red and black was a little disappointing (not even an SEC East title), he is light years ahead of anyone we have at the moment.

Let's be honest... No one thought we would be playing for a national title this year. That showing in Stillwater was an embarrassment. Oklahoma State kept us in the game with 15 penalties. I GUARANTEE you that is all Mike Gundy has been talking about at practice the last 2 days. The score could have EASILY been worse the way things were going. We looked like a panicked team throughout the 2nd half. The best player on the field wearing a white shirt was DREW BUTLER. Other than his punting and Blair Walsh's 52 yard field goal, special teams was bad. Why can we not find ONE PERSON in the 36,000+ student body that can kick it INTO the end zone. We always kick this stupid directional kickoff. I feel like we are out thinking ourselves. Blair Walsh was all-American his senior year of high school. Can't he kick it 70 yards off a tee?? Butler was screwed out of yet another punt being downed inside the 5 when 2 players fought over the ball and knocked it into the endzone. We play mindless.

I want to see how Richt and staff handle the remainder of the season. Although we are not finished and we still have a chance to play in a New Years Day bowl game, I think we will do what UGA football has done since Richt has been here. Win most of the games we are supposed to win, save about one a year and lose the games that could go either way. For the most part, we do not win any games that we are not supposed to compete in. We seem to lack the heart and fight that, say, an LSU team or an Alabama team. Those teams have an identity. Last year, I commented that we play like a Pac-10 team. Think about it for a second... What is one word that describes SEC football? I say POWER. Now, what is one word that describes Pac-10 football? I say FINESSE. Which category do we fall into? Do we blitz consistently? No. We let the opposing team's offense impose their will on us rather than the other way around (which is the exact opposite of what teams like LSU, Bama, and Florida do). On offense, like I said, we throw to set up the run. By far our best play on offense is the toss sweep. I especially like it when we line up in a bunch formation with a TE and 2 WR's on one side and run Chapas in motion to lead block for the tailback. I recall us running that play twice Saturday. It's just frustrating to see us never just line up and say we are about to challenge the defense as men and see who wins. You never hear the words "We just ran it down their throats."

Bottom line is, we have the talent to compete for (and win) the National Title. I just feel like Richt has taken the program as far as he can take it. I am very grateful for the progress that the program has made, but I feel like we are in the exact same place as we were in 2002. We still can't beat Florida and that is completely mental at this point. We are SO tight and play not to lose that game every year no matter who is the QB and who is on the field for the other team. I feel as if Richt is somewhat of a fraud even. In '02 we came out of nowhere and shocked everyone. No one expected it. That was an amazing year and I will remember it as the most fun I have ever had as a UGA fan. After that, I have been nothing but disappointed every year some way or another. Even in '05 after we SPANKED LSU in the SEC Championship game, I was so disappointed in the way we played in the Sugar Bowl in ATLANTA!! I am good friends with a former player who played on (but still had yet to reach a valuable role) the '05 team and he said that all of the players we just not motivated to play that game. We were basically playing a home game against a team that had yet to become a prime-time player and we wet the bed. We came out flat. We were totally UNPREPARED!! a BCS Bowl. See what Urban Meyer's teams look like in BCS games?? 2 blowout wins in NC games at Florida and a win in the Fiesta Bowl with UTAH!! I know, I know, they beat a lousy Pitt team that year but hey, look at Alex Smith now. I feel like it's more the coach/system and less the players. In '07, if everyone remembers correctly, we were 4 and 2 and sitting at #21 in the polls after getting CRUSHED by Tennessee 35-14. We then proceeded to win out beating Vandy by 3 on a last second field goal, after which we celebrated like we won the Super Bowl by stomping on their midfield logo, a 10 point win over TROY, an 11 point win at home over Kentucky, impressive wins against Auburn (in the blackout- my favorite UGA game ever by the way) and Tech, and backed our way into the top 5 because everyone else was pretty mediocre that year, too. That year everyone was very equal. No GREAT teams. A bunch of mediocre teams. I didn't talk about two of the games from '07 yet and they are special games to me, as I was at both of them. I look back on them differently than I felt at the time. Hawaii was so over matched physically and it showed. We beat the crap out of them up front. The thing is, I think 30 or more teams could have beaten them that year. We were cursed by playing them because we will never know how truly good that Georgia team was at the end of the season in '07 because we played an overly inferior team in the bowl game. Now onto my feelings about that Florida game... For starters, as a Georgia fan, I was shocked an excited when the entire team ran onto the field after Knowshon scored the TD to start the game. It was great to see some emotion and not play like robots (the common theme of GA/FLA for about the past 15 years now). On the other hand, it was bush league and I don't blame Urban Crier for saying that he will never forget it. It was probably the most disrespectful thing we could do after scoring. We ended up dominating that game. It was awesome to see Tim Tebow cry at the press conference after the game. Not a better site in the world for me. But he was really hurt. P*ssy Harvin was ailing. They had no running game. Their defense was horrible due to the fact that they had to play a million freshman. I love beating Florida but I wouldn't call that win a signature victory for the program. Hell, Florida lost to Michigan in the Capital One Bowl that year because they couldn't stop Henne and Hart (the same Henne and Hart that got beat by Appalachian St. and Oregon at the Big House to open the season). Point is, '07 isn't as great as some people make it out to be. We had some luck and things totally fell into place for us. I don't even need to talk about last season. I know we had TONS of injuries. To not even give Florida or Alabama a contest in either game was and still is ridiculous and embarrassing.

If we lose another one of our next 2 games, we better see a change at QB. Let's go ahead and start to look toward the future. Logan Gray would be a good choice but I think we might as well turn it over to Aaron Murray. We brought him to Athens to win big games and I think that we should prepare him for the future. I don't like redshirting players that can make an immediate impact just because we want to be stingy and save them one more year. Knowshon should have NEVER redshirted. I swear I heard a press conference after the game against Central Michigan last year when he leaped the DB when Richt said it wasn't the first time Knowshon had hurdled another player at full speed. DUDE... you gotta get the ball in that guy's hands AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! We waste an entire year of experience, productivity, and just overall feel for the game. For players that obviously aren't going to play, then redshirt them of course. High School kids are more prepared nowadays to compete their freshman seasons. Matt Barkley looked good for SC. That kid for FSU that we just missed out on, Greg Reid (? first name) was making plays all over the place Monday. Va Tech's new RB looked good at times, too. Point is, the young kids can make plays too so let's not just redshirt them just for the sake of redshirting them.

Above all, I will ALWAYS root for my boys. I will be in Sanford Stadium this weekend cheering my boys on and shaking my head at the coaching staff. I want to see us succeed but I think it can't go any further with Mark Richt at the helm. UGA fans once again I want this program to succeed more than anything else. I would give one of my balls for a National Title!!!
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Re: Suggest replacements...

Postby thefinger on Wed Sep 09, 2009 6:27 am


That was awesome! Thanks for taking the time to write such a level-headed and thorough post. You should copy that and send it in as an editorial to the AJC or the Red and Black. Or mail it to Richt and cc: Evans, Dooley, Adams, Bobo, Martinez, and (why not?) Will Muschamp.
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Re: Suggest replacements...

Postby ugadrew3209 on Wed Sep 09, 2009 9:49 pm

The bad part about all of this is we seem like we don't care about the team or the players or tradition or whatever. I would say I care more or at least just as much as any bulldog fan about the success of our program. I think CMR is a great man. He is a great offensive mind. I think if he was our OC and only our OC he would be great. I say this because he wasn't so great when he had to split the duties of a HC and an OC. That's freakin hard. I am not like Rush Limbaugh. I don't WANT CMR to fail. I just see it as he already is failing. As it says on this site's homepage a 10-win season and/or 2nd place in the SEC East is totally unacceptable. Why should we be happy when Florida will probably win their #rd NC in 4 years. I don't know if I should do this :x or this :cry: when I think of Tebow caressing the crystal ball on top of the NC Trophy. SOOOOO depressing to see Urban's smirk when we lose 49-10. I just am so hungry for a title. It seems like our coaches and our players aren't on that level. Remember FINISH THE DRILL?? or MAN ENOUGH!!?? I do. It seems like a lifetime ago. We need someone that doesn't have to use gimmicks to win big games. Blackouts and team-wide excessive celebrations just seem like a weak coach's antics to convince his players to not be so weak minded.

GO DAWGS!! 56789012345 CAROLINA!
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